Insurance by agreement covers you in the event of an accident


Compulsory accident insurance

If you work at least eight hours per week for the same employer, you are insured against both
occupational and non-occupational accidents. Insurance cover against non-occupational accidents
is effective as long as you are entitled to at least 50% of your salary (for example in the event of receipt of a daily allowance following illness or accident) and for a maximum of 31 days
beyond. If you register during this period to receive unemployment insurance, insurance coverage
is maintained. The competent office in your place of residence will provide you with the details relating to unemployment.
Example case for insurance by agreement

Are you ending your gainful activity permanently or temporarily, during unpaid leave, for example?
By taking out insurance by agreement, you ensure coverage for non-occupational accidents and,
in the event of an accident, receive full benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Accident Insurance Act (LAA).

Insurance subscription by agreement
Insurance by agreement is taken out with the payment of the premium in the amount of CHF 40.– per calendar month
started. You will find a payment slip below. You must pay the premium no later than the day on which
company accident insurance terminates. You can extend your insurance by agreement for a
period of up to six months by making a new payment of the premium before it expires.

Duration of insurance by agreement
The insurance by agreement begins on the day following the end of the company accident insurance. It expires at the
resumption of activity for at least eight hours per week, and in any case no later than six months.
If you are covered by military insurance or foreign accident insurance, insurance by
convention is suspended.